List of Material for Summer Camp 08

List of Materials for Art and Crafts Classes

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Art Class

            Item                                                                                              Quantity


v     Rangeela Water Colors 12shades                                                       2 sets

v     Brushes Round – No.s 2, 4, 6and 0                                                     1 each

v     Brushes Flat – No. 6                                                                            1

v     Oil Pastels (Camel or Apsara) 12 shades                                             1 set

v     Black Sketch Pens                                                                                4

v     Drawing Pencils HB & 4B, Eraser and Sharpener                                 1 each


Crafts Class

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            Item                                                                                                    Quantity


v     Glazed Papers 9 shades (of 12 possible)                                              3 each

v     Color Charts 5 shades                                                                           3 each

v     Scissors                                                                                                  1

v     Blade Cutter                                                                                           1

v     FeviStick (Large Size)                                                                             2

v     Processed Pottery Clay                                                                          2 kg

(Prcessed Clay is available at Jabbar & Sons, Near NTR’s Home / Vishalandhra Book House, Abids. Processed clay minimizes allergic reactions, compared to regular clay)


A general purpose long note book for all other classes

(and of course, water bottle)